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Here you can find more about the project, about the good practices we found during our research on the 7 countries about initiatives which can be an inspiration source for the ones interested in developing rural tourism businesses or to benefit from the rural authenticity, resources.

Multiplier event in Târgu Neamț

On 15th of December took place the multiplier event organized by Bison Land Association in Târgu Neamț. It gathered persons living in the area of Bison Land destination, but also representatives of the travel agencies, organizations who offer funding opportunities. The topic was Smart Villages, concept, way to act in a sustainable way and which are the opportunities to develop an area, business being inspired by this concept.

Last transnational partner meeting

At the beginning of December 2022 we met with the consortium in Greece to evaluate the results of the project, to do a checklist for the project, to decide the next steps. Also, we started thinking at new ideas, future collaboration.

Multiplier event in Italy

The Multiplier event for the Erasmus+ KA2 Project SMARTVILLAGE was organised by The European Digital Learning Network ETS at Istituto dei Sordi di Pianezza, near Torino, premises.

The event took part on the 28th September 2022.

The event was delivered to a big group of attendees who were informed about SMARTVILLAGE mission, products and long-term objectives.

The multiplier event was part of a bigger conference of that day named “Acquiring digital skills and e-commerce ones to create new business opportunities in rural areas

The session started with a warm welcoming of the participants by European Digital Learning Network ETS staff, the introduction to the project and its consortium. It continued with the narration of the whole process of products creation of the project: our research leading to the White paper across partners’ countries, our produced Handbooks, our platform and related mobile application and our effort to spread the word about the importance of smart villages, circular economy and digital upskilling within rural touristic areas.

Participants were invited to check out the platform and the app and to review them in order to gain valuable insights and feedback.

The session was closed by an interactive workshop.

The multiplier event offered a great chance and opportunity to discuss and involve target groups – seniors and rural areas citizens- and gather their valuable opinions and feedbacks on Smart Village project and its products

Pilot testing in Italy

As part of the piloting of materials created by the whole consortium of Smart Village project, the European Digital Learning Network ETS was in charge of organizing a piloting session of the Training Toolkit and in particular of Handbook 4 “Strategies for smart villages”.

The event was organized in June 2022 at the premises of Istituto dei Sordi of Pianezza, near Turin in Italy. The training Toolkit was showed, explained and explored to participants to the piloting test and a particular focus and emphasis were directed towards the analysis of Handbook 4.

The different strategies that a community could adopt to become a true smart village and to enhance its digitalization and circular economy as well as to increase innovation for the sake of each rural inhabitant wealth, prosperity and wellbeing were discussed and explained with enthusiasm by Moderators to attendees.

The piloting of produced materials offered a variety of insights on the quality, usefulness and ‘friendliness’ of the outputs according to the target groups and confirmed a very positive view and perception of Smart Village project, its outcomes and main goals

Learning transnational teaching activity in Greece

Between 30th of May and 3rd of June representatives from each partner organization met in Greece, Piraeus to learn about the result of the project, to find out how they can share with other persons the results and the information we organized in the learning materials.

Transnational Partner Meeting in Ireland

We met for the second time in a hybrid meeting in April 2022. It was an opportunity to check the state of the project, the results of the project till this moment, to discuss about the next steps. It was also good for the partnership to meet and to know each other better.

Transnational Partner Meeting in Slovenia

At the beginning of September 2021 took place a hybrid transnational partner meeting. Some of the partners had the possibility to travel to Žalec, Slovenia to visit and discuss about the rural developments. Also, for the ones who were not able to travel, the discussion about the project, results, next steps were taking place online.

During the meeting we visited some places, good practices connected with the smart village concept, so we got some more inspiration for the project results.

Online meetings

During the project we had several online meetings to plan, evaluate and work on our purpose, to develop the educational materials of the project.