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About the project

The SMARTVILLAGE project aims to develop a training course dedicated to the adult people in risk of social exclusion due to economic obstacles from remoted rural areas, who will learn how to help themselves to develop a new business and contribute to the development of the community they live. They will learn how social innovation and circular economy can help rural services such as health, education, energy, mobility and other social services of key importance in marginalized rural areas where these services are often in decline.

In the last few years, the idea of a circular economy has received considerable attention worldwide because it offers an opportunity to optimize and promote sustainable development through new models based on continuous improvement and renewable resources. The change to a circular economy will lead to new business models and value chains, and this affects the design, production, use, and waste management processes, as well as the collection of products and materials for reuse.

The consortium of SMART VILLAGE Project will create a new educational curriculum for upgrading until 2022 new digital basic skills and competences to more than 900 economic disadvantaged low-skilled and low-qualified senior adults impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, more exactly for persons living in deprived rural areas from at least 9 European local communities. The project will learn seniors how to create their own new business in villages by using innovative local cultural tourism opportunities based on social innovation best practices and circular economy principles. This project can be a great opportunity for seniors to earn their own living in the economic crisis generated by the pandemic period, keep their mind engaged and challenged and stay active in the community.